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A Look at Power Core Combiners

In the glut of new product coming out across the country is a new sub-line of Transformers, the Power Core Combiners. There are 2 & 5-packs available, each with a core scout-sized Transformer that can use Minicons or drones in various configurations. So, I thought it'd be fun to mix and match a little.

First up is the Autobot Searchlight with the Aerialbots, or Searchlight Maximus as I like to call him since there doesn't seem to be designations for combined forms. I rather like the look more than Skyburst's configuration.

Here we have the Decepticon Smolder with the Combaticons. It's not the best look as the red conflicts a bit with the Combaticon colors. Still, Smolder Maximus is a force to be reckoned with.

Last, but not least, is Huffer Maximus. He's sporting a mix of Aerialbots and Combaticons. I think it's a nice mix since there aren't any drones themed for Huffer to merge with. As with the others, he sports his Minicon partner as chest armor.

There you have it. Eventually, there'll be proper reviews. This is all you get for now though.